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I see too many of Red Ruber Cones. Average of 120, for the last few days. Tried to learn the purpose of each one of those, so that I don't become that rude trespasser to those who set them there, and not to become a passive receiver for unreasonable requests. The process of me trying to establish reasonble boundaries between me and red rubber cones, the process of me trying to navigate through those red rubber coens explains how I manage myself in this world. So I decided to collect images of red rubber coens to study how self management operates within the given power structure that is represented by red rubber cones.

Seoul, 6.00Am, 2019

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2018년 12월 13일

1.1.100. first record. 1. self management 1.1.99. 1. forgiveness

mariage d'amoure

mariage d'amoure by Paul de Senneville suits today's weather. it's 19 degree in London at the moment and it has been cloudy all day. mariage d'amoure is misintroduced me as one of chopin's works.

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